By now everyone knows the dangers of smoking, there has been so much publicity and research over many years. There are even warnings on cigarette packets and it generally accepted that smokers on average live shorter lives than non-smokers.

There are fewer places where smoking is allowed and in the future it may become even more restricted. The cost of smoking increases frequently and will continue so to do.

What are you waiting for? The time to do something about it is now! You must be considering it to be reading this so why not phone or e-mail for an appointment and free yourself from the burden of smoking, a burden on your health and a burden financially.

Think how quickly you will recover the cost of treatment, two  weeks for the average smoker who in a year spends about £3000, yes £3000, on cigarettes. That is £60,000 over 20 years. Think what you can do with that money and how much healthier you will feel.

In various experiments hypnotherapy has been the most successful method of stopping. You must really want to stop, as hypnosis cannot make you do anything you are unwilling to do. What you believe you can do however, you can and hypnosis can help you to break the habit, reduce withdrawal symptoms and strengthen your will power and determination to stop.

Some people are concerned about their weight increasing after stopping. As part of the treatment suggestions are made to help you avoid this.

The sooner you stop the more money you save and the fitter you feel. Help yourself to a longer and healthier life now.