Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight.

  • It can do so in several ways.
  • It can help you to stop binge eating.
  • It can help you to avoid weaknesses for chocolate, or whatever foods for which you have a weakness.
  • It can help you to think differently about food Re-educating brain and body.
  • It can increase your will power and determination to Reach your goal weight and to maintain it.
  • It can help you to enjoy your food more without over eating
  • It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, a prime cause of comfort eating.
  • It can put you in control rather than being controlled
  • It can enhance your self esteem and self worth to increase caring for and about yourself
  • It can help you to listen, and take notice of, your body’s needs for food and water.
  • It can help you to feel so much better.