About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is generally described as an altered state of awareness because you are aware of what is happening, you are not asleep but very pleasantly relaxed. Most people love the sensation, which reduces stress, tension and anxiety and is often likened to daydreaming or being at total peace.

During hypnosis the busy conscious mind is encouraged to take a back seat while allowing communication with the subconscious, or inner mind, which becomes more receptive and provides access to powerful inner resources responsible for change. It is now increasingly accepted as a very useful clinical process and the treatment of choice in some instances, avoiding the side affects of other options.

There are many different concerns some people have about hypnosis and I would like to deal with the most common.

  • There is no loss of control, you could stop the process at any time should you want to
  • You cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do
  • You cannot get stuck in the hypnotic state
  • You will not tell me anything you do not want me to know
  • You are aware of what is happening and your surroundings
  • You will be safe to drive after treatment
  • Clinical hypnosis is not like that which you see on the stage
  • You are welcome to bring someone with you to sit in on the session, and in the case of children an adult must be present.
  • It feels more like daydreaming, people love the sensation of peaceful relaxation.

Some clients just want to chill out and escape the pressures of everyday life finding peace and inner harmony. It is a calming, soothing, rebalancing, refocussing, centering and grounding experience, unlike almost any other relaxation experience. This also provides the ideal mental state to facilitate change. I provide a CD for you to use at home in between sessions.