Most people suffer from anxiety at some period in their lives some live with it almost constantly. Anxiety and stress are responsible for, or contribute to, so many physical and mental conditions far too many to list here.

How many times have you, or people you know, consulted a doctor about physical symptoms, to be told that there is nothing physically wrong and that the problem is caused by anxiety or stress. Sometimes this follows a range of tests or procedures, all necessary, to rule out actual physical conditions.

Anxiety is very unpleasant and takes various forms. Some people experience pain or discomfort, other have panic attacks, or they may experience very uncomfortable feelings, at certain places, or in particular situations. They then tend to avoid these, which makes the matter worse and life becomes more restricted. It is also common for worrying to increase and get out of perspective so that “molehills become mountains”. Sleep patterns may also be affected, as those who have this condition find it hard to “switch off” and relax.

Anxiety is also responsible for under performance in exam or test situations, important sporting competitions, or whilst speaking in public or delivering a presentation and in sexual situations particularly with a new partner. Anxiety reduces confidence and self esteem.

Hypnotherapy is an effective means of reducing anxiety and stress giving you more confidence and greater control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

The actual number of sessions needed varies according to the severity of the condition. Why not phone NOW  and discuss your particular situation.